Tour Packages to Australia & New Zealand

Enjoy some of the best travel experiences of the world with tour packages to Australia and New Zealand as you visit the ‘Land Down Under’ and the ‘Land of the White Cloud’, with Jetwing Holidays.

Be it exploring the Tasmanian wilderness, snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef or even some thrill seeking bungee jumping experiences in Queenstown; Australia provides some mind mind-boggling adventures to choose from. Enjoy a ferry ride in Sydney even as you soak in the magnificent views of the Harbour Bridge and The Opera House synchronously. While Melbourne will let you encounter the vibrant Aussie Culture with its bustling restaurants, bars, nightlife, boutique stores along with unforgettable Penguin memories at Philip Island.

And as you tour through New Zealand enjoy the picturesque sights and sounds that are as unique as the Country. From the sprawling national museum to Wellington’s spectacular Mt. Victoria and the South Island’s Fiordland; New Zealand is filled with a collage of scenic wonders that sprawl from virgin forests, breathtaking mountains, glaciers, dazzling beaches to pristine wilderness areas that have been meticulously preserved for generations.