Tours to India & Nepal

Come on board Jetwing Holidays tours of India and Nepal, to encounter a gamut of multicultural experiences across the borders.

Extending from mountainous landscapes of the Himalayas to the Kerala tropics enveloped by greenery, India offers unparalleled attractions unlike any other. From the sacred Ganges found on one end of the country, to the Great Indian Desert found on another border; relish the diverse varieties of monuments like the Taj Mahal, matchless landscapes, unique architecture, exotic cities of the Golden Triangle and culturally rich cuisines that will fascinate any traveller that walks through its doors. India tours from Sri Lanka are sure to create memories that will last a lifetime.

On the other side of the border, experience the best of the Kingdom of Nepal as you visit the legendary temple of the living Goddess of Kathmandu. En route, visit Bhadgaon that is home to medieval art and architecture, while Nepal’s tourist hotspot of Pokhara cocooned within a massive wall of the Himalayas, also awaits exploration for a truly magical Nepalese experience.