Foreign Currency

Travellers Cheques & Foreign Currency – through AMEX

Travellers Cheques Mean “Peace of Mind”

Generally the amount of Traveller’s Cheques/ Currency notes issued by Jetwing Holidays, one of the most trusted Sri Lanka outbound tour operators; will be based on the Customers Profile, Countries to be visited, duration of stay etc.

However, we have summarized below the amount of Traveller’s Cheques/ Currency notes that we can issue over our counter for various categories of travellers.

Students -A reasonable amount could be issued as living expenses based on the country you are travelling to and the duration of your study programme.

Migrants – A maximum limit of USD 150,000 only for first time Migrants
A sum of LKR 1,000,000 or equivalent by submitting a one way ticket, an affidavit and resignation confirmation.
Tax clearance certificate should be submitted in addition to the one way ticket, resignation confirmation and affidavit for transaction over LKR 1,000,000.
Migrants who have completed initial entry should obtain written approval from the Central Bank.

Tourists & Business Visitors – A reasonable amount could be issued based on the customer profile, country of visiting and duration of the stay. Transactions over USD 5000 to be supported with the income tax file number of the customer



  • Protect your travel money.
  • Travellers Cheques can be refunded if they’re lost or stolen, so you can get your money back quickly, 24/7.
  • Protect yourself against identity theft.
  • If they’re lost or stolen, don’t worry Travellers Cheques aren’t tied to your bank account or any personal information.
  • Save money compared to other payment methods. Unlike using an ATM, there are no withdrawal fees. You can easily cash in your Cheques for local currency wherever you are.
  • Make budgeting easier.
  • Spend a fixed amount by only using Travellers Cheques.
  • Choose the currency you need.
  • Get them in U.S. currency, or choose from 6 other currencies: Euro, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Pound Sterling, Japanese Yen and Chinese Yuan.
  • When travelling abroad, avoid fluctuating exchange rates.
  • When you buy Travellers Cheques in other currencies, you lock into the rate when you buy.
  • Travellers Cheques are backed by American Express.
  • Accepted at thousands of locations worldwide
  • For more than 100 years, our Travellers Cheques have helped travellers protect their money
  • TC’s never expire
  • Offered in a variety of currencies and denominations to meet your travel needs



  1. Sign – As soon as possible, sign your name in the upper left corner to help protect yourself in case of loss or theft.
  2. Record – Write down your serial numbers and keep them with you when you travel, separate from your Travellers Cheques.
  3. Protect – Safeguard your Travellers Cheques as you would cash.
  4. Use – To pay, sign your Travellers Cheque in the lower left-hand corner in front of the person accepting your Cheques.

If you need to obtain Currency or Traveller’s Cheques for your travel, we are ready to offer you our services. Simplycontact us, drop in an inquiry or visit.


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