Holiday Packages from Sri Lanka

Welcome on board Jetwing Holidays’ extensive selection of Leisure Tours. Take your mind off the stress of the corporate world and the busyness of everyday life to experience the real meaning of Leisure, in its truest forms.

Enjoy and encounter the best holiday experiences and customised tour packages, amidst a host of global leisure hotspots. From India to China, Austria to Switzerland, memorable Morocco moments, Bali Beaches to die for along with many more global destinations on offer; take your pick from our extensive leisure tours on offer from an irresistible collection of holiday packages from Sri Lanka.

Relax amidst the setting sun in a wonderful Bali Beach, feast your eyes on some of the largest & stunning lakes of Sweden and Norway, enjoy a drive across the Gaular mountains National Park or float along a mini-cruise on the longest fjord in the world. If that’s not enough bask in the Eastern splendour of China while visiting the Lingering Garden, Tiger Hill, Panmel and the Great Wall itself; or maybe take a tour along neighbouring India and all its scenic sights to savour leisure at its best.